The photograph of the tower of Babel was taken by Dr Peter Bimmel, the Netherlands. He kindly permitted us to use this photo for the cover of L1-Educational Studies in Language and Literature. The photograph was taken at December 27th 1999, at Ruigoord, a small village close to Amsterdam, ‘owned’ by a heterogeneous group of artists, outlaws called by some, fighting against the decision of the Amsterdam administration to shovel the village for future developments of the Amsterdam industrial expansion. The artists built this Tower of Babylon from all kinds of materials they found in the environment. The tower was set in fire at December 31st, 1999, at 24.00 hours, by the builders. They let it burn down, as a token of destruction and damage.

We thank Marie Sheldon (Boston), publishing editor of Kluwer, now Springer, to allow us to use the cover of the printed version of L1 ESLL, for the digital continuation.

The most exciting part of the journal’s title (L1), was created by Andrew Goodwyn, London. He inspired us to write L1 as L!, which we sometimes do, sometimes not.