Privacy Statement

User data

The journal’s user data and the bibliographic data will be used to handle the editorial process. No personal data will be transferred to any external parties nor sold. During the review process, the journal will not share personal author data with the reviewers or personal reviewer data with the authors (double-blind procedure).

Users can change their data by editing their profile. They can have their account deleted by sending a request to do so to However, the integrity of the scientific communication process implies that deleting author data is not possible after a publication has appeared which refers to these data. By the same token, data entered in the course of a submission process can be deleted only as long as the submission has not been published.

The editorial team may use anonymized and aggregated data to improve or document their work. Data that are suited to assist in developing the OJS publishing platform may be shared with the developer Public Knowledge Project (PKP), but only in an anonymized and aggregated form.

Access data

When the website gets accessed, the date and time, IP address, the browser, the URL called, the URL left, and error codes (if applicable) will be saved. These data will be deleted after the session has ended. They will never be shared with other parties nor sold.


When a user visits the journal’s website, cookies will be placed on her (his) device which are needed to make the system function. Registration and login with this journal's site will work only after enabling cookies. Cookies can be deleted by using the “Delete cookies” function of the browser.

General remarks

Data will be saved on the server of the University of Frankfurt Library. The host complies with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (see For details about the host’s data protection policy (Datenschutzerklärung), please see

Please note that only the Datenschutzerklärung is legally binding. This statement serves as an informal overview over its main contents.

In case you have any questions related to this statement, please contact Debra Myhill,