Grammar education at the turn of the millennium

The case of Poland


  • Elzbieta Awramiuk
  • Marta Szymańska



didactics, grammar, L1, Poland, textbooks


The aim of the article is to theorize, analyse and discuss today's grammar education in the Polish context, focusing on empirical examples from textbooks. It starts with an outline of international debates on grammar in L1 education. Afterwards, it connects these specifically to the Polish situation. In the next section, the methodological clarification of the research which the paper reports on, are outlined. The main body of the paper presents a typology of approaches to grammar instruction which has been con-ceived in Polish L1 research. This typology makes a distinction between systemic, communicative and functional approaches; the latter is further subdivided into ‘linguocentric' and ‘textocentric' approaches. The models distinguished are illustrated by grammatical tasks from textbooks. In its concluding considera-tions, the paper argues that reforming teacher education and amplifying empirical research are the main challenges which must be met in the future.




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Awramiuk, E., & Szymańska, M. (2019). Grammar education at the turn of the millennium: The case of Poland. L1-Educational Studies in Language and Literature, 19(2), 1–30.