'There is no writing that is writing without teachers'

Teachers' role in the writing process of a seminar paper


  • Irit Haskel-Shaham
  • Etty Cohen-Sayag
  • Revital Heimann




academic writing, teacher education, teachers’ presence, tutoring and supervising, writing process


This article is part of a larger study dealing with different aspects of seminar courses in academic colleges of education during 2014-2015, in which teachers are supposed not only to share knowledge of their expertise in a subject matter but also accompany their students through the academic writing process. This study examines teachers' presence, roles in the writing-inquiry process in a seminar course. Our aim is to portray the complexity of this presence and consequently, to provide the basis for a tool that could (should) be developed, that has the potential to enable seminar teachers to diagnose strengths and weaknesses in their teaching and accompaniment of students. Our research questions were: What is the nature of teachers' presence in the seminar course, and How do they cope with the challenges of ac-companying students writing? We interviewed 26 seminar course teachers in six teacher education colleges. Our findings portray these teachers as multi-tasking ‘acrobats': planners; instructors; coaches; assessors, and models. The importance of this research is that it provides a broad and complex picture of teachers' involvement as well as a basis for a tool for self-reflection.




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Haskel-Shaham, I., Cohen-Sayag, E., & Heimann, R. (2020). ’There is no writing that is writing without teachers’: Teachers’ role in the writing process of a seminar paper. L1-Educational Studies in Language and Literature, 20(1), 1–27. https://doi.org/10.17239/L1ESLL-2020.20.01.13