Teacher and student perceptions of L1-oral language lessons in Dutch secondary education


  • Anneke Wurth
  • Dineke Tigelaar
  • Hans Hulshof
  • Jaap de Jong
  • Wilfried Admiraal




L1-oral language, teaching practice, secondary education, curriculum, teacher and student perceptions


Little is known about contemporary L1-oral language lesson practices in secondary education. In The Netherlands experts work on an upcoming L1-educational reform. In this study, we investigate teachers’ and students’ perceptions of contemporary L1-oral language lesson practices as well as the underlying rationales of these lessons. Eleven L1-teachers were interviewed and 212 of their students completed a digital questionnaire. Both teachers and their students mentioned L1-oral language education is important, even though in most cases it forms a rather small part of the L1-curriculum. In general, both groups reported that in L1-oral language lessons attention is paid to cognitive (such as rhetoric and argumentation theory), linguistic and presentational content elements. Teachers also reported that they teach their students how to use feedback and how to give constructive peer feedback. Both teachers and students considered practising and receiving feedback as mutually reinforcing for developing oral language skills. However, due to shortage of time in the lessons, teachers and students in particular, expressed concerns about having insufficient opportunity to practise oral language skills. The teachers reported two other hindrances for good L1-oral language teaching: difficulties with organizing a safe learning environment and valid assessment procedures. These barriers have to be taken into account when designing educational innovations for L1-oral language lessons.




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Wurth, A., Tigelaar, D., Hulshof, H., de Jong, J., & Admiraal, W. . (2022). Teacher and student perceptions of L1-oral language lessons in Dutch secondary education. L1-Educational Studies in Language and Literature, 22(1), 1–27. https://doi.org/10.21248/l1esll.2022.22.1.376