Predicting and explaining teachers' documentation practices for students' reading and writing difficulties


  • Monica Reichenberg



competence, documentation, educational resources, reading and writing difficulties, teacher attitudes


The overall aim of this article is to predict and explain teachers' documentation practices of students´ reading and writing difficulties. A survey study was conducted with 313 teachers. The data analysis was guided by an organizational approach to special needs education. The descriptive findings suggest that 98% of the teachers have students with reading and writing difficulties, and that there are almost 3 students with such special educational needs (=SEN) per teacher. The results of the logit model demonstrate that subject teachers in languages are more likely to document reading and writing difficulties than any other teachers, including special educators. Furthermore, teachers´ lack of special needs competence in identifying reading and writing difficulties impacts their practice of documenting these difficulties. Moreover, teachers' attitudes towards reading literacy research increase the likelihood of documenting reading and writing difficulties. Finally, documentation does not seem to be a matter of special need resources.




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Reichenberg, M. (2016). Predicting and explaining teachers’ documentation practices for students’ reading and writing difficulties. L1-Educational Studies in Language and Literature, 16(1), 1–18.